I think James the photographer did really well to keep a straight face , it was certainly cosy in Pascales bedroom!

When I asked him what was the oddest photo shoot he has ever done, he told us about the man who could not wait for the hospital to amputate his arm so he attempted it at home with a homemade guillotine … yikes.

Pascale is the front lady for this art project. But there is a big team behind her. The idea of the wedding was hatched by artists Jenny Watters and Sissy Lange late one night. The concept grew and morphed into the piece it is now. So what is it all about ?

The message is simple it is all about feeling loved on Valentine’s Day, a day that can be pretty lonely for lots of people. If you can’t love yourself then love your duvet!

But is it Art! …. a group of artists, working hard for no money, eating humous and cheese and drinking wine at every meeting. ……. mmmmm

Still struggling ? Here is what my mate Picasso thinks .

The good news is this piece is a success already with millions of people discussing Valentine’s Day and the issues of self worth. It’s gone world wide ,America and Canada are loving it … here this mornings latest google search offering.

The wedding will be awesome .We all hope to see you there… it’s 2pm Feb 10th Rougemont Gardens, Exeter. Dress code Dressing gown slippers onesies and teddie bears . The free after party is at Glorious Art House , Exeter . With Quite Brazen the best wedding band in the south west playing .

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