Totnes Exhibition Update

It is hotting up !…. only 3 and a bit weeks till the Totnes show.

I will be setting this exhibition up on the Friday 2nd unlike other events I will not be needing your wonderful help with set up or the take down or stewarding , but… but… but… I will need help with everyone promoting the show and hopefully visiting it. There will be a display board for the shop/gallery and pics for instagram and facebook ( next week ). Instead of posters around Totnes I am making free valentines day cards with all the exhibition details on them…. something a bit quirky !

To help you out , I am happy for people to drop artwork round to mine in Exmouth ( 3 Gussiford Lane EX8 2 SD ) or on Wednesday the 30th I will be in central Exeter in the afternoon/ early evening. or if this doesn’t suit Please bring your work to Totnes on the 31 st of Jan around lunchtime. Please bring a little write up about the pieces explaining why you made them.

There will be space for 20 cards for each artist , please price and name each one…and no plastic please.

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